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Faurie Nell has a centralised and lean property structure, specialising in both residential and commercial transactions. We like to think that we are ahead of the rest, by using the latest technology and developing unique systems that enable us to spend less time on administration and more time on getting the job done efficiently. We work in teams, this means that there is always someone to assist you and it gives us more recourse to see that your transaction proceeds without interruption.

Conveyancing is the cornerstone and one of the core competencies of FN Inc. To this end we offer excellence in the following areas of conveyancing:

  1. Conventional and sectional title transfers, bond registrations and cancellations
  2. Notarial bond registrations
  3. Opening and registration of sectional title registers
  4. Township proclamation
  5. Subdivisions and Consolidations
  6. Divorce, deceased estate and insolvency/liquidation transfers
  7. Sales in execution transfers and auction transfers
  8. Fractional ownership
  9. Advice on tax related matters associated with the transactions above


How we deliver our key services is also vitally important:

Service Excellence 
This is our most fundamental core value and our team continuously build on their successes, perform beyond expectation, enhance client relationships and work hard at sustaining these bench marks.

At FN Inc we believe in accessibility on all levels. To achieve this we invite all our clients to discuss any conveyancing matter with any of our highly skilled and experienced conveyancing attorneys and paralegal staff.

Meeting your Needs 
Regardless of what or who we are dealing with, we ensure that we understand our client, the importance of their matter and we make them feel welcome and comfortable with our systems and procedures. No one summarises our sentiment on meeting the needs of our clients better than Marian Wright Edelman who said “Service is the rent we pay to be living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.”

To optimise productivity and empower our staff we promote a flattened internal structure. FN Inc’s paralegal staff are continuously upskilled and are able to conclude the same processes as the conveyancing attorneys and vice versa. This ensures a lean but highly skilled team that operates with guaranteed continuity.

We automate our processes while simultaneously imparting our collective wisdom to our people by way of our Internal Conveyancing Processes Guide, which at all times serves as a “How to Guide” for existing and new staff. It was complied chiefly to optimise productivity and teamwork whilst simultaneously avoiding common conveyancing errors.

Motivating our staff through encouragement and support also promotes free thinking and innovation which contributes to creative problem solving and ultimately results in consistently superior service to our clients. Walter Reuter said: “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow man... There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”

Our networks and cutting edge technologies offer us the adaptability of servicing clients at a location most convenient to them, without interfering in any way with production, efficiencies and capacities.

Our enhanced communication channels enable our clients to reach us instantly and outside of normal office hours and allow us to give feedback to our clients via our website in different time zones and outside of traditional office hours. Our easy to navigate and dynamic website is equipped to update our clients on the latest developments in the field of property, provide them with useful educational tools to demystify the conveyancing processes, and calculators that will enable them to calculate conveyancing related costs at the click of a button.

Client Support 
We consult extensively with our clients to determine their needs and thereafter set up customised processes for each client. We also draft specially tailored supporting documents for use by our clients and report individually to them via fax, email and online via the web.

Knowledge Centre 
We strive to meet our clients need for continuous up to the minute information on developments relevant to their respective fields and our legal updates have become regular features at many of our clients meetings. We continuously revise and update our clients’ internal legal documents to ensure that they remain complaint and to address relevant developments in law. It was Norman Cousins who said: “If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality.” At FN Inc we will continuously strive to meet this noble goal.

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