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Our Distinguishing Operations and Procedures


Our knowledge and expertise enables us to deal in all disciplines within the conveyancing field in an expert, efficient, effective and professional manner. With so many attorneys providing similar services, a crucial survival skill for all practices has become the ability to differentiate itself in the market place.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the following ways:

  1. Friendly, helpful and dedicated staff
  2. Pro-active in the early identification of problem matters and effective problem solving
  3. Superior communication skills
  • We harness the power of technology to enable our clients to stay informed. Our user-friendly website provides sophisticated web-based interactive services that will assist with educating our clients regarding the processes adopted by Faurie Nell Inc  in the conclusion of their transactions, which results in a better understanding and a harmonious experience for all involved.
  • On this website we also provide:
    • Our cost calculator
    • Tracking-the-transfer process flow
    • On-line reporting system where each client is provided with a password and log-in code enabling them to track the progress on their transaction, via our website, on a daily basis
    • Mobile phone sms's
    • Consistent weekly faxed or emailed reports generated with minimal effort by effective use of our IT systems to keep our clients updated on their matters so that they in turn can update their clients
  1. Continued legal education by FN Inc through sharing knowledge and providing updates on legal developments via our Knowledge Centre menu on our website
  2. Useful tools to serve as an easy to understand guide to navigate the sometimes confusing and overwhelming processes adopted by conveyancers in the completion of their duties
  3. We provide continued legal education and relevant updates to our clients at their offices as well as regular email communication to our clients to inform them of relevant legal developments
  4. We meet regularly with our clients to update their legal paperwork and to develop and customise useful checklists for them to ensure that they remain compliant whilst being as efficient as possible in the conclusion of their transactions.
  5. Regular personal visits to our clients’ offices to maintain and enhance our personal relationships
  6. Attorneys-on-wheels: we’re always ready to see our clients at their convenience and at a venue of their choice
  7. A hotline service which enables our clients to call on us for advice, guidance and assistance at times when most attorneys are traditionally not available
  8. We have a switchboard technician dedicated to incoming calls for conveyancing and its clients to ensure that incoming calls get answered with minimum delay
  9. We are on the cutting edge of the latest IT systems, which enable us to process large volumes of work efficiently and effectively
  10. We were also one of the first to implement e-filing of transfer duty payments. We can now ensure that 99% of our online transfer duty receipts are generated within 24- 48 hours of submission, resulting in significant time saving
  11. As a free value added service FN Inc provides formal training and education sessions on specific topics to our clients. This ensures that they stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields.

FN Inc not only possess the infrastructure and skills to process large volumes of residential transfers, bond registrations, cancellations and releases, but also have the unique ability to focus on specialised work such as liquidation and estate late transfers, the opening and registration of sectional title schemes, sub-divisions, consolidations, opening of townships, notarial bonds, fractional ownership, divorce transfers, sales in execution transfers, auction transfers, shortfall transfers and tax advice relating to property transactions.

We pride ourselves on our achievement of consistently ranking amongst the top performing conveyancers on the Banks’ performance appraisals relating to administration, compliance and superior turn around times.

We believe that feedback from our clients speaks volumes about the efficiency of our service and our team is used to regular praise from our clients. This ultimately cements our relationships with our clients and ensures continued referral business.

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