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Alien and Invasive Plant Species in South Africa

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On 1 October 2014 the Alien and Invasive Species Regulations (the Regulations) to the National Environment Management: Biodiversity Act (No 10 of 2004) came into effect.

The Regulations aim to prevent the introduction and spread of alien and invasive species across South Africa. Invasive alien species are species that have been introduced into an area, and are able to out-compete and displace indigenous or useful alien species.

The Minister of Environmental Affairs Mrs Edna Molewa revealed that the Department has budgeted R200 million over the next three years to build up its capacity to regulate invasive alien species.

The Regulations call on land owners and sellers of land to assist the Department of Environmental Affairs to conserve our indigenous fauna.

Non-adherence by land owners and sellers can result in fines of up to R5 million and or a period of imprisonment of up to 10 years

South Africa has tens of thousands of alien species, most of which are not necessarily a problem.  However, a relatively small percentage of these have become invasive.


As top priority, the AIS Regulations are aimed at preventing the introduction of more species that may be potentially invasive into the country


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