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Checklist for Estate Agents

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In regards to your seller:


1. Are the Title Deeds and Mortgage Bonds of the seller to the property readily available?


This is a particularly relevant question where the seller has recently dealt with his property, in that he has registered a further bond or he has only recently taken transfer. In view of the present time delays experienced in getting Title Deeds returned from the Deeds Office, in the event that the seller's deeds are still in the Deeds Office it will be in the interest of all parties to the transaction to be aware of potential time delays


2. Is the seller authorised to instruct you to sell the property and to give you mandate in this regard? Always establish the identity of your seller.

    2.1 Do this by conducting a deeds office search before attending to a seller for the first time to ensure that you have the correct particulars of the property and the person authorised to deal with and sell the property. If there appears any information on the deeds office printout that is not clear refer to your conveyancer for guidance.


    2.2 If your seller is married, get documentary proof of the marriage regime applicable to his marriage.


    Take note that all parties married in community of property need to be assisted by their spouse in selling property that forms part of the joint estate.

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