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Gas Conformity Certificates

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New Pressure Equipment Regulations have been promulgated under the Occupation Health and Safety Act, which bring gas appliances installed in property more or less in line with electrical installations.

According to the regulations that were introduced in 2009, all gas installations must have a Certificate of Conformity according to the Pressure Equipment Regulations that have been promulgated under the Occupation Health and Safety Act (No 85 of 1993).

The certificate is issued by an authorised person registered as such with the LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS SAFETY ASSOCIATION of SOUTHERN AFRICA (LPGAS), after he has inspected the installation, and is satisfied that it is safe, and leak free. Gas installations for which certificates of conformity are required would include built in gas fires or braai's, gas stoves and hot water systems and the like.

Regulation 17(3) of the Pressure Equipment Regulations, regulates that any person disposing of a property on which such gas appliance is installed, must obtain a Certificate of Conformity in respect thereof. It is irrelevant if the installation of the gas appliance predated October 2009; if an appliance is present, so is the need for a Certificate of Conformity on the sale of the property.

The requirement is applicable to liquid petroleum gas (LPGAS) as well as natural gas.


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