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Sectional Title Update

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Important terminology in sectional titles

1. Sectional Title Plan = in relation to a scheme, means a plan approved by the Surveyor General;

  • Which is described as a sectional plan;
  • Which shows the building or buildings and the land comprised in the scheme, as divided into two or more sections and common property; and
  • Which complies with the requirements of section 5 of the STA relating to the manner of preparing Draft Sectional Plans

2. Sections = means a section as shown on sectional plan ( note that owner owns a unit which consists of a section and an undivided share in the common property)


3. Common Property = in relation to scheme means;

  • the land included in the scheme
  • such parts of the building or buildings as are not included in a section; and
  • land referred to in section 26 of the STA relating to the purchase of land by a body corporate to extend the common property

4. Exclusive Use Areas = means a part or parts of the common property for the exclusive use by the owners of the one or more sections, as contemplated in section 27 of the STA


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