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Swimming Pool Nets

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The draft regulations of 10 March 2011 were published that would have required owners of swimming pools to either enclose their pools with a fence or wall that will prevent a 7 year old or younger from being able to access the pool or to have a pool net and pool alarm at all times while the pool was not in use. The regulations also provided that owners could apply to the council for exemption if the Council were satisfied with the sufficiency of other measures of protection against accidental injury and drowning which are in place.

During 2014 it was reported that the decision was made during a council meeting following stakeholder submissions and feedback from public hearings held earlier on in 2014, which raised several concerns about the proposed regulations to abandon the proposed pool by laws.


Major concerns were raised regarding the tariff for inspection and approval of pools, the cost that property owners would incur in order to comply with the safety measures required such as pool covers or fencing, and the city council’s capacity to implement the bylaw. Further, questions were raised regarding the lack of statistics on drowning incidents in private pools in comparison to drowning in rivers, dams or any form of open water.

As legislative provisions on safety compliance were provided and regulated within the National Regulations and Building Standards Act of 1977 it was concluded that under the circumstances there is no rationale for the proclamation of said bylaws whilst there is existing legislative provisions for swimming pool safety standards.


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